Lorem Ipsum Meeting 8-13-08

Lorem Ipsum is planning to debut our literary magazine at a real coffee house.

Thursday October 9, 2008 is the planned date for our first coffee house readings at school in the Student Lounge in the Main Building. Every member is encouraged to bring baked goods/pastries.

Troy has volunteered to bring a card table to the school picnic to serve as our "home base".

Chad has offered to review our work. Drop a copy in his mailbox and he will give some feedback. Chad did offer this advice: "Polish your manuscript by reading it aloud with pen in hand. Change any words that trip you up. Time yourself Double space the copy you will be reading and add extra breaks between paragraphs."

Lorem Ipsum should hold regular readings either monthly or bi-monthly. We can have 3 or 4 people read eat each event and entertain people stopping by with coffee and snacks.

There is talk about going to see authors that are doing signings at local bookstores.

All members are encouraged to bring in work to be critiqued at the next meeting on Wednesday August 20, 2008.

All members of Lorem Ipsum are encouraged to team up with a member from the Comic Book Club. We will provide a 5 panel script and our Comic Book counterpart will look it over and illustrate our ideas. By August 20, 2008 we should have a basic script ready to discuss.

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