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Lorem Ipsum Meeting 9-3-08
*Special Guest Speaker - Michael Pollock

Michael Pollock is a fiction writer that started the First City Review. It is mostly fiction, with fiction poetry, essays and reviews from around the world.

When asked about page count, Michael said when he designed the first edition of First City Review he envisioned it in his head.

When designing a journal In Design is usually a good program to work with. We should look for someone to help with the layout as it will be a good edition to their portfolio.

Page count and price gets higher the more issues you print. 150-250 pages are not too dramatic. The more printings you do the better rate you will get.

5 ½ x 8 ⅓ will give us the most paper size. It is cheaper to print on newsprint.

A Production Manager works with the Printer. Crunch time. All work should be reviewed many times to make sure it is perfect. The Printer will send blue line and any changes that need to be made could cost around $150.

100 pages is perfect bound. Less than 100 pages would be stapled.

R.R. Donnelly also does printing.

Lorem Ipsum will be accepting internal submissions at first, and will consider taking external submissions from the surrounding area – Delaware Valley.

The more colors there are the more money it will cost. It is best to talk to the printers since they will know more about color and pricing.

Since AIPh is an art school, Lorem Ipsum is considering having a cover designed in-house. Most things should be kept in-house.

ISBN numbers are assigned to books. ISSN numbers are assigned to magazines. If we go to the Library of Congress website (http://www.loc.gov/index.html) we can register our journal, set a price, but still give out free copies to all AIPh students.

When deciding on a submission, Michael suggests trusting yourself. Read it, give it a week, and read it again.

If something doesn’t work, editors can send sections back to the author to be revised. Most writers who will be published are willing to revise.

How to select a committee:
• Heads of Genre
o People in genre
• All Heads meet to see what fits

There should be a certain language and order to pieces. The journal should be fluid and not repetitious.

Should we censor any submitted work? This is something we need to decide as a group. If someone is offended by a submission, we should discuss it. If the author is doing something offensive, then we can reject the submission; however, if the character is doing something bad and learns from it i.e. Karma gets them in the end, then the submission should be considered.

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