07/24/08- Budget Meeting

Budget Meeting 7-24-08

John Osbourne, of Student Development, discussed the budget needs of all 13 clubs. Once a quarter clubs submit their needed budget. Not every club will receive all the money they asked for, but they will receive some money.

Steve Shandour is the Web Master. All clubs can submit meeting dates and contact information for new members wanting to join.

Some club members felt there should be a site for students to ask questions. As of now there is no such site, but Admissions would probably be the ones to answer any of the questions.

Nicole McClarence at the Student Affairs Desk is the person to see about ordering items for the clubs. On Monday July 28, 2008 there will be a Sign – Up sheet available for clubs to list what they need and what they will be doing at the school picnic.

Each club should submit 2 names for the Student Leadership Retreat. The students should be in their first few semesters at AIPh (if possible).

The total budget asked for all 13 clubs was $11479.00. However, $2729.00 needed to be cut.

Clubs are able to save their share of the money and use it next semester. If this is what they plan on doing, they must let it be known.

Lorem Ipsum decides to forfeit any budget allocation this quarter in return for a guaranteed $1000 plus additional requests next quarter for use in publishing Lorem Ipsum, the literary journal.

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