Lorem Ipsum Meeting 7-23-08

The Photography Club – PIQUE – gets their magazine published from a company called Trilogy in New Jersey. A call will be placed to see what the overall price will be to have the Lorem Ipsum Literary Journal published. We are planning to have primarily text with occasional pictures. There will be approximately 40 black and white pages with a color cover. All members are encouraged to come up with cover ideas to discuss at the next meeting.

A Wiki site as well as a MySpace site has been created and all are encouraged to sign up. The links are: http://loremipsum.wikidot.com/ http://www.myspace.com/lorem_ipsum_aiph

For the school picnic Lorem Ipsum is planning to have an Open Mic where anyone can read their own work as well as excerpts from the classics. There may also be a round of GHOST – where one person will start a story then pass the mic for the next person to continue. There will be a sign-up sheet.

There is talk of collaborating with the comic Book Club – perhaps a special issue. The final decision still needs to be made whether the animators will draw the panels first and we write something to go along with it, we write the story and the animators draw the panels, or we collaborate with the animators and work on something together.

A calendar of events will be made so everyone will know what is going on in the club. We plan to travel to a different location every other week and do free writing.

There is a budget meeting on Thursday July 24, 2008. Please check the Wiki site for more details.

There will be a Book List section on the Wiki where members can requests book be read for discussion the following month. Everyone can submit 3 books and we will read 2 books per quarter.

Lorem Ipsum would like to sponsor 3 or 4 set events a quarter:
Open Mic at the school picnic
Open Mic at Borders (fall quarter)
Open Mic at the Student Lounge in the Main Building
Book Discussion

There was talk of a book sale to raise money for the club.

All submissions will be submitted to Caitlin at: moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol#moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol. She will then filter the submissions to the editors.

All members are encouraged to post work on the Wiki page. After reading another’s work, you should post your name that you read it.

Under the Contact section on the Wiki page, please update your e-mail address with your name.

If we receive any song lyrics it will be considered poetry and will be eligible for submission. Submissions not in English will only be considered for publication if there is an English translation with it.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday July 30, 2008 at 4:30PM in the student lounge at the main building.

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