Lorem Ipsum Meeting 7-30-08

Rollover budget. Our club’s money will roll over to the next quarter. We should be guaranteed $1000.00 plus what we ask for. Using department funds as well is also being looked into as well as a Writer’s Scholarship.

We plan to hold a fundraiser a month. Some ideas are:

Coffee House in the Student Lounge at the Main Building. We can charge admission, decorate have an open mic where people can read and perform acoustical music. We will also try to get coffee, tea, and pastries donated or purchase them at a reasonable cost. November will be a good month for this event. There will be an admission fee.

“Don’t Forget the Lyrics” type of game. We can set up everything in Power Point and have prizes as well such as iTunes gift card or a food gift card such as WaWa. August will be a good month for this event. $5 for tickets.

Arts on the River. Free booth for AIPh students to reserve. We can try to collaborate with the Photo and Graphics departments. They will donate work for us to sell. We do all the work of setting up the booth and selling the work and we split the profits 50/50. That may be an incentive to have people donate work. This even will be held in September.

G-H-O-S-T- We can set up the student lounge and tell “scary stories” where one person starts the story then passes it off for another person to continue it. The lounge will be decorated and will have scary music playing. $5 for tickets. October will be a good moth for this event.

The school picnic is Wednesday August 27th. We plan to have an open mic and a table set up to promote the club. We requested a mic and speakers and can have a total performance of 40 minutes. There will be a sign-up sheet. We will screen the readings a few days before the event to make sure they do not run longer than 10 minutes and for content as well. No “F Bombs” just for the sake of saying the “f” word.

Everyone is encouraged to check out the MySpace that James designed and to post their work on the Wiki site as well as contribute to the book list.

All members are encouraged to post the free writes from the different locations on the Wiki site.

The deadline for submissions will be September 15, 2008. The new submission process will be to e-mail all work to 1 address and then Caitlin will strip the e-mail of the author’s name and then send it to the editors to read.

There is also talk of a collaboration with the Comic Book Club. See Angel Lewis for more details.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday August 6, 2008 at 4:30 at Barnes and Noble located at 1805 Walnut Street on the 2nd Floor.

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