The Creative Writing Club of the Art Institute of Philadelphia saw its genesis in the Spring quarter of 2008 with the help of Chad Willenborg. It's purpose is to give those students who have a passion for writing a place where they can nurture that passion and ultimately express it publicly via our literary journal, Lorem Ipsum*. Aside from Lorem Ipsum we will also have workshops to practice and develop writing and public readings sometime in the future.

*Pieces published in Lorem Ipsum will be selected on the basis of their literary merit from work submitted to the club that observes the following guidelines:
1) Pieces must be doubled spaced.
2) Pieces must be 4,000 words or less.
3) Submissions must be attached to an email containing the name of the author and their contact information.
4) Submissions should currently be emailed to: moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol#moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol
5) The subject of an emailed submission must say submission and contain the genre of writing the piece is being submitted as: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scripts, etc.
To: moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol#moc.oohay|hpia.muspi_merol
Subject: Submission Poetry

You do not have to be a member of the club to submit. Submissions are open; any student of AiPH is allowed to submit. Alumni and faculty may also be allowed (check back for confirmation on that).

The submission deadline for the first publication of Lorem Ipsum is September 15, 2008.

Any questions may be asked here or emailed to:

Illustrators, painters, and other such visual artists are also encouraged to submit work. The Club may select such pieces of art to feature in Lorem Ipsum for transitional or introductory pages or in some other aspect. If you are interested, follow the guidelines above but attach a jpeg of your piece instead of a text document, and mark your subject as ART.

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